Hi, I am Rebekah Maxner, a self-published composer and independent piano teacher. This website puts you in touch with everything I do.

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Here's what people have said about my books:


  I got your Old MacDonald Had The Blues and Titanic books from Prima. Only a few students have had a chance to peek at them, but they were quite excited about the arrangements. One is a big high school junior who says he only wants to play rock or "virtuostic" pieces. So which song did the big kid like? Twinkle, Twinkle Superstar! He said it was the coolest arrangement he'd ever heard of that song. He also said he played it because he thought it was by Elton John because of the glasses! Another student came in as he was sightreading. She and her mother just gushed about how beautiful it was, and how she just *had* to learn it...so it looks like I will be ordering more of your books! I can hardly wait until my little student (who is obsessed with everything Titanic) comes in Thursday so I can see his reaction to his new book!  

Julia, Minnesota, USA

  I've got a student who LOVES your book of Old MacDonald Had the Blues. She's kind of dragged her feet for quite some time with her practicing and lessons but now since I've introduced her to your book she is gobbling it up. It's great, cause it's making her count and use the metronome and she doesn't mind at all!  

Caroline, Alberta, Canada

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